The bard

Paradisaea # 32
The Unseen Collection

Warp and weft: hand painted Egyptian cotton
Subtle golden sparkle accent threads in the warp
Size 3+ (about 330 cm x 69 cm STIH)
About 348 g / m2
Blunt ends
Woven in a fancy twill with faux crackle elements with a starry pattern
Plainweave selvedges
Simple tactile middle markers


All the wraps from the Unseen collection have a common theme of stories, fairytales,
of wishing for something better - and the world of imagination in general. The theme of the warp can be found here

The theme of The Unseen warp has been stories. Fairytales, lores, myths - and any stories that move us and our hearts.

I wanted this last piece to be something more than just a reminder of those stories; something more like... a vessel of stories.

While I've woven this piece, I've thought about many fairytales I loved as a children. I used to love anything with fantasy in it (I think I at some point read trough the whole fantasy section in the local library). I loved the stories where you could find a magical door in a closet, or a magical mirror to walk trough, or where you found a magical carpet that whisked you away to strange realms. Or where you drank a magic potion and grew suddenly wings or found a hidden artefact that transformed your whole existence. I loved the worlds that were full of possibilities; the world of magic.

I wanted to give this last piece something of that feeling - the feeling of possibility and wonder and constant amazement. I wanted to create something that could carry children to magical stories. A storyteller - aBard. The teller of tales, the master of lore.

Wraps carry our children. All of them can carry our kids to magical realms. I wanted this piece however be a seasoned traveller; someone you could easily take with you to any adventure. Someone who can accompany you in all your wanderings, treks and trips, and who is always ready for a story or a tale.

I picked a EC cotton weft that is dyed in variegated rich fuchsias and violets. I like to think of the Bard on her travels, strolling along distant pathways, her long flowing fuchsia robes swirling around her. The storyteller's cape, in the hem of which she'll gather children to listen to her tales. To give her a touch of magic dust, there are subtle golden sparkle accents on the warp. She is woven in one of the Paradisaea star patterns.

The Bard is 100% Egyptian cotton. A wrap that you can take with you on a picnic. Or to the woods. Or to the beach. A wrap you can wrap your shivering kids in after the swim, take them to your lap, and tell a story. It's a story blanket for any adventure; spread it on the woods and take a story book from your bag, get lost in the world of magic.