Paradisaea n:o 24 // Wildflowers -collection
Size 5 (415 x 69 cm STIH)
About 317 g/m2
Warp: hand painted mercerised cotton
Weft: japanese bourette silk
Blunt ends
Subtle golden sparkle effects on the warp
Woven with a fancy twill weave with crackle elements in a starry pattern
Plainweave selvedges
“Sassy” is sister to Paradisaea’s competition wrap, “Untamed”
(Untamed was honoured with 1st place in the Finnish Competition of Babywearing Weavers 2017).
Only two wrap pieces were created from this warp, along with a few scrap items.

"I need someone
who sees the fire in my eyes
and wants to play with it"

// Unknown

This one. The trouble she has given me!

I’ve tried to weave her for such a long time. I've wanted to introduce her to you for quite a while now, but only today she said she's ready for it.

It's been such a process. This thing has some spirit.

First I suggested one weft option for her. I know, I didn’t ask her opinion first, I just dyed what I thought was right. Well, she’d have none of it. And she was pretty vocal about it.

I then dyed an another weft. Again I thought it was great, but no, not good enough for her.The looks she gave me…!

I re-dyed that last one, trying to get closer to what she had in mind. At this point she was practically laughing at me, not in a bad way, but sort of incredulous. I was baffled. I had had so good ideas!

I can still see the look on her face, the way she calmly shrugged, tossing her hair. She knew who she was, and there was no way she would be dressed in anything she wasn’t happy with. Like I could make that choice!

I must say I had quite a few headaches with her. But then again I adore her attitude. She wasn’t going to let me boss her around. She knew perfectly well she was worth something more.

So, I sat down with her and I listened. I have to say she was so kind and sweet. And patient, once I was willing to listen. And it appears she had just the perfect idea. It just had not occurred to me at any point.

The thing is, like a real sass queen, she wanted all the glitter there was in the house. Literally, all of it. Thank heavens I had some and it was golden, so she was happy with it. And she wanted silk. She was especially particular about the depth of colour. It had to be a real violet purple, in a lovely toned down shimmering shade to make her dress classy and yet mysterious. She wanted to be clad in the stars, too, although I had suggested a simpler pattern. No, she’s the kind of girl who’ll wear the highest heels to the grocery store just because she wants to. And if you stare at her, she’ll just say she has made your day worth living by giving you something gorgeous to look at.

I think I love her, despite the headaches.

Honestly. She has just the attitude I’d love to have. The sass! You should see those big eyes flaring with mischief and emotion. When we got over my clumsiness with styling she’s been the funniest person to be around. The cheek! She’s pretty loud and saucy, yes, but her stories are the funniest. And deep down she’s just the sweetest girl.

So, I’m happy to give her the glitter. And the Japanese “Choc Rouge” silk she insisted on.
She’s so worth it.

And I think that’s what she has to tell to all of us.
We’d be worth it too.

We are worth it too.

So, here’s the second of the Wildflowers, the sister of Untamed. If the first one was tameless, this one is the loveliest rebel there ever has been. The Queen of Sass.

She’ll be most likely a size 5 or 6. Woven in the same starry pattern as Untamed with textured, softly shining Japanese silk in a lovely greyish violet, softening the vivid warp colours into shades that remind me of summer’s dusk. Elegant, mysterious, and yet so bubblingly girly.