Refined In Fire

8/2 mercerized cotton
Fully hand dyed by Paradisaea
Fall 2016
6th Paradisaea warp


"I survived
because the fire
inside me
burned brighter
than the fire
around me"

- Joshua Garam


Fire can be a scary thing. Tiny sparkles can cause great fires, and great fires can do great damage.

And yet we wouldn't exist without fire.

Can you recall a moment when you've been in the dark and have lighted a match? First everything is pitch black, and then, suddenly, this little fragile flame has the power to cast out darkness. Small flame, promising light, safety and warmth, lighting the firewood. The happy crackling of a fire in a fireplace is a sound of safety. Fire has so many faces. The frightening one. The safe one.

And then sometimes our lives catch fire. Massive bushfires erupt unexpected and burn so much of what we've held dear. We're left with a pile of ashes and bad burns and the question whether anything's going to ever work anymore. Those moments hurt, greatly, and that cannot be explained away.

And yet sometimes a miracle happens: something new rises out of the heap of ashes - sprouts, shoots, tiny leaves. Life, determined to go on. Life, drawing energy from the very ashes.

The painful and yet magnificient thing is that sometimes fire in our lifes may create new, beautiful things - sometime after the pain and loss. It might even be that the fire burns away something that was a burden, and the new raw life unexpectedly has a more familiar, more beautiful face. Something good. Life is refined in fire, like gold is. Maybe fear is burned away when we've had to face it? And then fire can cease to be a threat and be a source of comfort again: a lovely little flame casting out darkness.

I like to call it grace, that magic - the fact that in the end life overcomes.

The Refined In Fire warp is mercerised cotton with multiple shades of blue, accentuated with bright yellows and oranges, pinks and corals. Brighter shades rising out of the darker ones, speaking of the good flames that bring safety and warmth. And yes, a bit of bright green for a new life.