the pathfinder

The first piece of The Wilderness Collection
Warp: hand painted Saltwater Rose tencel
Weft: custom spun alpaca and Kalahari wild silk yarn spun by Ruukin Kehräämö
Woven with Paradisaea’s trademark Sun Twill

The inspiration behind The Wilderness Collection can be found behind this link.


The Pathfinder

It’s so easy to get lost.
Sometimes all you can see before you
is just wilderness:

unknown ways
unfamiliar landscapes
unwelcoming worlds

it’s so easy
to feel
forever lost.


But -
if you’re brave enough to not give up,
if you press on,
if you find a path -
you fill forever know how to get out of the wilderness

and you may become
a pathfinder

who leads others
to freedom.

- K.V.


Isn’t that what parenting essentially is about -

about knowing the paths, knowing the ways, and especially knowing how you find your way back to the path if you ever get lost. Isn't it really just about showing the way, helping others find their own, safe path?

In a way each of us is a Pathfinder - the one who goes ahead and shows others the way.

I find it amazing that our hardships in life may sometimes be the best possibility to learn this - to learn how to find a path again, how to overcome, how to persevere, how to find your way back to the oasis even if the desert feels endless.

If we can teach our children how to find their own paths, we’ve pretty much done everything we can. <3

This is The Pathfinder, the first of the Wilderness pieces. The warp is handpainted tencel, and the weft is a unique alpaca and Kalahari wild silk weft, custom spun for Paradisaea.

The Pathfinder measures ca. 340 cm STIH plus fringe. It's woven with Paradisaea's trademark Sun Twill.