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Searching for beauty

Paradisaea Handwoven was born in the summer of 2015. I was emerging from a life crisis, and was hit by a sudden and powerful longing for beauty. I had been a babywearing enthusiast for some time, and I had greatly admired the art of handweaving. For reasons I can't quite explain my need for beauty found an outlet the combination of these; I had this extraordinary urge to learn to weave myself. I bought my first loom and the rest is history; I don't think I've ever fallen in love with any craft as deeply and profoundly as I love handweaving.

Why beauty, then? Beauty is a sign of hope. It speaks to the heart, ensuring that even after darkness there's light, even after sorrow there's joy. Beauty speaks of how in the end all things shall be well.

As a vessel of love and comfort the handwoven baby wrap is a very special symbol of hope. Paradisaea wraps are the outcome of me searching for this hope - of the awe and wonder before the beauty found in the world.

Each wrap carries a story

Colours are natural symbols. We instinctively give them meaning, knowingly or subconsciously. I'm fascinated by how colours have the ability to tell stories and convey messages. 

Each Paradisaea collection and individual wrap therefore carries a story, told trough its colours and weaves. Colours seem to have an unique ability of carrying significances; they're abstract enough to speak of something that is often almost beyond words, but tangible enough to represent what matters to us most. I've loved working with customers, transferring their personal stories into tangible symbols made out of handwoven fabric.

To learn more about the stories behind Paradisaea collections, please visit here. 

For the stories behind each individual wrap, please visit here.

feedback from customers

The experience was amazing. Kaisa is incredibly focussed on ensuring you get exactly what makes you happy and puts so much work into getting the details just right. The result is a beautiful piece of art in my collection that was created with love and patience and dedication, that serves all our needs here perfectly.
— Carolyn Hutchin, Australia
You aren’t just buying a wrap you are becoming part of threads that are woven together to create dreams and memories. Kaisa pours her heart into her work and wears her heart on her sleeve, then pins it to each wrap as it’s sent off to wrap sweet little ones in pure love.
— Tiffany Sirignano-Sheets, USA
Her love of the English language, her enthusiasm for her work, her want to dream, her belief to strive for more, her ability to reflect, her respect for others... She engages you, and she also hears you. In this world of non-face-to-face communication, she can make us all feel like we are simply sitting together enjoying a good cup of tea.
— Carol Chu, Canada

How to purchase a Paradisaea?


Your own Paradisaea?

A mother of three little ones, Kaisa has currently found it best to weave most of her pieces either as ready-to-ship items or to open orders for available collections when they're already on the loom. Most wraps are sold trough draws or auctions in Paradisaea's community group, Paradisaea's Stories, in Facebook. You're most welcome to join us!

Non-wrap items, as cowls, shawls or toys are sold in the webshop here, whenever there's a re-stocking.