meant to be

The first piece of The Wide-Eyed And Mystified Collection
Warp: hand painted Saltwater Rose tencel
Weft: Hand dyed Saltwater Rose tencel
ca. 5,5 cm with blunt ends
Woven with Paradisaea’s own Peacock Twill

Meant To Be is named according to the semi-custom owner’s wishes.
Here’s the inspiration behind the whole collection:


Wide-Eyed And Mystified

It hasn’t rained for weeks,
but you don’t mind

I find 
from the front yard,
fingers drawing
lines in the dust

you’ve scraped your knees,
I know you must
what this world feels like
trough every finger, every knee,

every inch of your soul
your body

you have to get to feel
what it means

to be alive.

And when the thunder clouds roll in
I find you from the window
eyes wide

marvelling at how the majesty of the raindrops
perfects the drawing
you made in the dust


I know you must
know something I have never known
you own so much more
than I have ever owned

wide-eyed and mystified

you still see
the beauty around you
you still sense the wonder
trough every pore of your skin,

you’re still
a fairytale creature

teach me, little boy, teach me to see
teach me the age old secrets
that we we’re meant to be.

// K.V.



This is "Wide-Eyed And Mystified", my planned competition warp for IBC Des Moines.

When the competition theme was released, I instantly knew what I wanted to do.

Children still know how to stand in awe. First time Auri encountered rain she was mesmerized. What are these soft drops of something wet raining on me?

First time she walked without shoes she was stunned. What is this something that feels strange and tickles my toes?

First time she met a flower she was fascinated. What is this colourful thing that waves here in the grass and what are those little flying things around it?


Children still know how to marvel, how to be utterly fascinated by the world. They're fairytale creatures, exploring a wondrous, mysterious world. They have wisdom that adults often have forgotten; the wisdom of an unclouded heart, of eyes that see things as they are. The wisdom of a mind that wants to know more and doesn't take things for granted.

Visually my inspiration is based loosely on the Fiery-Throated Hummingbird; I love these tiny flying jewels, they are such a wonder of the natural world. I love birds in general; their strange beauty, often almost unnecessarily intricate, is a perfect example of the beauty hidden in the world, waiting for someone who'd see it and marvel at it.

I wanted to create something that could symbolise in some tiny way that sense of wonder; the awed fascination of the beautifully childish heart.