Longing for beauty

Paradisaea Handwoven is born out of a strong longing for beauty.


Paradisaea is a place where stories, handwoven fabric and babywearing meet. It was born from a longing and a desire to study beauty, found a nesting place in weaving and a natural outcome in baby wraps. Paradisaea exists to search for the deeper stories that our lives as humans carry, it longs to catch a glimpse of the whimsical and unexpected in life that the eye does not always meet, hungers for a beauty that heals and wishes to create vessels for intimacy and love.

Paradisaea is about baby wraps that carry children and it is about words that carry stories. Every warp has a theme where each individual wrap carries a story within that theme. 

To follow our most recent work and behind the scenes updates, please become a part of the Paradisaea Facebook community group: Paradisaea's Stories.