the heiress

Paradisaea # 40
Altogether Lovely Collection
Warp: handpainted thin mulberry silk
Weft: hand dyed Sea Island Cotton (a speciality long staple cotton)

Size 6 (ca. 460 cm STIH)
Blunt ends
Woven with the a 6-shaft faux crackle variation in a lace pattern


Letters to my daughter, part 15


You’re happy;
hands flailing
every time you try to laugh
you get this adorable hiccup;

it almost hurts my heart
to see you so.


Perfect, perfecter -
there are no words good enough in my vocabulary
to tell the truth about you
you’re simply… more, morer than anything.

And then
in one suspended moment
it hits me
all air escaping the room -

I realise not everyone will
see you for who you are;

not everyone will honour
the princess in you.

It takes me a better part of the day to come to terms with this.


To think that you’ll grow up,
no more baby hiccups
and that someone would not see
this bubbling beauty in you -

I wish I could just make you strong.

Steel and diamonds.

but I’m afraid it’s too much to ask;
if you’re anything like the rest of us
you’ll break alright.

But there is one thing
I can give you - 

I can tell you where you come from
I can tell you

what you are an heir to

so that when they seek to destroy you
and even if you take the blow,
you’ll know what you stand on,
you’ll know the kingdom you’ve been given

the one that is

you’re an heiress
to a love
made of stronger stuff than anything thrown your way


and the wave that was meant to
crush you
will only lift you higher.

- K.V. 

The Altogether Lovely collection is about daughters and their mothers; about princesses big and small. The second piece is called The Heiress, and it speaks of the importance of knowing your heritage; of knowing the love that should belong to each daughter.


The weft is Sea Island Cotton, hand dyed in a warm and rich purple. I wanted to find a pattern that would resemble lace; something intricate but strong, somehow… noble and high. Dignified. Unquestionable. Sure of its own worth.