Foreglow (OOAK)

2nd place in the Under 8 shafts category, Great Competition of Weavers, spring 2016

99,9 % Egyptian cotton, 0,1 % polyester (Venne sparkle yarn)
466 cm x 68 cm
340 g/m2
Woven with a two-sided twill and plainweave combination


Foreglow was Paradisaea's entry for the Great Competition of Weavers in spring 2016. It placed 2nd in the Under 8 shafts category. 

Foreglow is an OOAK (one-of-a-kind). It is 99,9 % Egyptian cotton, 0,1 % polyester (glitter threads). It measures 466 cm with blunt ends and is 68 cm wide. The square weight is 340 g/sm. The structure is a two-sided twill and plainweave combination. 

The theme of the competition was "Under the Microscope". The inspiration picture for Foreglow was a microscopic picture of a white orchid. 

This is the little blurb that accompanied Foreglow's pictures in the competition - it tells the story of Foreglow:

"Foreglow (noun):  A glow seen in the east before sunrise


I started with a question: which moments are the ones that define our lives?

We interpret life through the lens of our experiences.
Some of them are naturally more powerful than others - and therefore become our “under the microscope” moments. They reveal what life is about at its core, or what we wish it was.
Thinking of this, my first thought was joy… But it was closely followed by pain.

I chose joy, because I want to believe it can overcome even the deepest of pains.
We can experience moments full of such pure joy that they actually heal us. 

How does it feel to stand in the foyer of the church, flowers in your hand, waiting for the music to start?

Or on the day you sense your firstborn will arrive?

What about the first day of summer, when the sun is just behind the horizon,
the air full of the promise of warmth and happiness?

What does hope feel like in the fleeting moment before anticipation transforms into explosive joy? That is what this wrap is - the bouquet of flowers in the hand of the bride
as the doors are just about to open.

Foreglow is 100 % cotton (EC) except for 20 ends of glitter. It measures 4,6 meters. The square weight is 340 g/m2. The weave is two-sided twill and plainweave combination.

Inspiration photo by Gary Greenberg,"