FreQuently asked questions


does paradisaea have a custom list?

Paradisaea doesn't currently have a custom orders list, and doesn't regularly take custom or semi-custom orders. With three little ones, it has felt to be the best option to work with as flexible schedule as possible. Kaisa does however love to hear input from the community when designing her pieces and greatly appreciates discussion and the sharing of ideas in the Paradisaea's Stories community group in Facebook.

Does paradisaea ship to everywhere in the world?

Many countries have specific requirements for handwoven baby wraps. Kaisa is happy to ensure that her wraps meet the requirements and is careful to make sure each piece is fully safe to be used. However, currently Kaisa is not able to ship wraps to The United States, as USA requires official laboratory testing for wraps brought to their market. Kaisa hasn't so far entered into the official testing process. 

Paradisaea is unfortunately also unable to ship wraps to Russia.

There are also some regional testing requirements for baby toys and childrens' items. Paradisaea cannot therefore ship their Bedtime Bunnies or other similar toys to Asia, Australia, Southern America, Canada or Africa.

Does paradisaea have a code of conduct?

Yes! Commitment to sustainability, ethical conduct and Social Justice is essential at Paradisaea, as well as excellent customer service. Paradisaea's Code of Conduct can be found here.