exist loudly

A hand painted Suvin cotton warp
Spring 2018
Woven with Paradisaea’s trademark Sun Twill

First piece: A Thousand Blazing Suns
Second Piece: My Unapologetic Light
Third Piece: A Meadow of Choices



There are some things
you cannot hide:

and the soul.

They'll eventually burn trough, seep trough, shine through


let your




Exist Loudly was born because I wanted to do something with one of my favourite colours - yellow. To create something wonderfully, shiningly yellow. As bright as possible.
Exist Loudly is a tribute to the people who won’t blend in. Who stand out from their surroundings like the colour yellow; the ones who create a contrast just by existing, the ones who’ve decided not to hide themselves but have embraced what makes them different. The ones who won’t let their colours fade no matter what others say. Who won’t become translucent just because their own colours might unsettle someone.

20180411-141733-DSC_3841 copy.jpg

The ones who shine like the sun, burn like flames.

I’ve known some in my life; the people who draw you in like gravity, who create their own force fields. Some have had just extremely intense natural charismas. Some have been so uniquely different that they’ve sparked the curiosity of others by just being there. But the best ones have had the rarest, strangest, most precious ability there is - the skill of being strong like the sunshine but inviting others into the light too, not shadowing them with their powers but kindling the same light in them.


I’m willing to bet that you cannot change anything in the world if you’re not willing to risk standing out from the crowd. But if you step up, stand up, step forward and risk becoming seen as you are, you might be like the colour yellow; the one that brings others alive. Like van Gogh said; “there is no blue without yellow and without orange, and if you put in blue, then you must put in yellow, and orange too, mustn’t you?"

Behind Exist Loudly is the idea that I’d love my kids to grow to be the bright colours they themselves want to be; boldly, bravely so, even when the world might offer them a monochrome palette. I’d love for them to just… shine. And invite others into the light.