the deep

A hand painted Supima cotton warp
Fall 2018
Woven with Paradisaea’s trademark Sun Twill

First piece: Moon Child


"I must be a mermaid...
I have no fear of depths
and a great fear of shallow living."

- Anaïs Nin


The Deep was inspired by the Anaïs Nin quote, and a picture I came across in the web (publishing it here, as it has been impossible to track the original creator of the picture).


I wanted to create something that’d resemble deep waters - that’d give you the feel of diving deep, finding your way trough water plants towering around you, of slowly swimming deeper and deeper into the cool, vivid waters around you. The Deep is dedicated to all the dwellers of the deep - to all the people who are not afraid to live below the shallow surfaces.

To all the mermaids
finding pearls
in the oceans of their minds.