Paradisaea n:0 28 // The Miracle Collection
Warp: Hand painted lyocell (tencel)
Weft: cotton/hemp, natural
About 470 cm x 75 cm STIH
Blunt ends
Plainweave selvedges


Apricity was woven for our last baby, Auri. Her name resembles the word for "sun" in Finnish - "aurinko". She's the sunshine child in this family, born just in the beginning of summer.

The word "apricity" literally means "the warmth of the sun in the winter". The theme of the Miracle collection was the expectation of a new life, of a new baby - especially when you haven't maybe even conceived yet but just dream of new life.

The Miracle warp compared this to expecting the spring in the winter; sometimes it may feel that the cold drags on forever and you've completely forgotten what summer feels like. But then, one glorious day, you notice that the season is changing... All the flowers that have slept under the snow blossoming in your mind.

Apricity speaks of the hope that even when the world is covered in snow, the sun's power is unquenchable.